Thursday, 18 September 2014

Premiere of Joyce Short Film in Limerick this Saturday

This Saturday evening at the Limetree Theatre, Limerick as part of Limerick Writers Centre Annual Literary Cabaret.
Two Gallants movie with producer and director Carl Finnegan and friends 
Two Gallants screening
Reading of the original 'Two Gallants' 
Talk: Adapting Joyce to Film
Two Gallants is based on the short story by James Joyce.

Two Gallants tells the tale of Lenehan, a man down on his luck and pushed to the point where he'll do anything to get by and his friend Corley, a shady character who'll do just about anything to line his own wallet. With the help of Magda, a wide eyed young polish woman, Corley sets out to plan the heist of a wealthy Dublin family's safe.

Although primarily the story of two con men similar to the original short story by James Joyce. The film focuses on the tenuous relationship of the two men and the fear Lenehan has that his friend may desert him for his new female companion. Dublin is portrayed visually as a city where each individual is trying to get ahead of one another in the environment and also in every characters interaction. The film addresses themes and issues related to capitalism, emigration and homelessness currently found in Irish culture while still fulfilling its heist story origins.
Directed & Produced by Carl Finnegan
Screenplay by Carl Finnegan & Darren McGrath.
With exclusive music from Fun Lovin’ Criminal Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser.
Associate produced by Donal Thurlow, Mary Wogan & Darren McGrath