Monday, 27 May 2013

A pause in celebrations for this year!

I am sorry to have to inform all, that the major celebration of Bloomsday in Bruff will not take place this year.  We are pausing this year. There are various reasons for this, some way out of our control. This does not of course mean that we will not return.
We WILL return next year as Limerick City starts to celebrate City of Culture status.
There may well be some small events in and around 16th of June, both public and private.
The absence of Bloomsday in Bruff this year creates some space in a crowded community calendar; this will allow time, energy and finance to be targeted  to other festivals, in particular the Gathering celebrations starting on the 1st July. The Bloomsday group will return with energy and vigour in the new year with a major event in January 2014!