Tuesday, 8 June 2021


One week to BALLOONATICS BLOOMSDAY Wed 16 June 2021!

Following last year’s merry Zooms around the Joycean cosmos, once again Balloonatics offers to frame your Bloomsday with literary entertainment online. This year we reunite from round the globe a full team of Balloonatics stalwarts, actors Chris Bilton, Paul Dornan, Mick Greer and Paul O'Hanrahan, plus musician John Goudie.


In the morning we offer our traditional Bloomsday Dublin walk as a dramatized reading online.


Get your Bloomsday going early with this live online rendition of the ‘Calypso’ episode of Ulysses.

To register please go to: 



Then in the early evening it’s time to drop in on our long-standing celebration of Joyce:


To register, please go to: 


Our programme for this year’s evening event consists of a first half performance, Carriage to the Cemetery, re-enacting Bloom’s horse-drawn journey across Dublin to Glasnevin to attend the funeral of Paddy Dignam.

The second half of the evening will consist of readings from the floor by those attending. Come prepared to join in with your own nicely polished Joyce reading!

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Posting on James Joyce's Birthday.

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Posting today on James Joyce’s birthday.... Joyce was good friends with Clancy at UCD. He wrote about his friendship with Clancy in Portrait of an Artist. We brought the flag that is seen on Clancy’s coffin out to Bruff, on one of our Bloomsday celebrations.


Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Sorry to say that this year..... I will not be organising a Bloomsday Festival in Bruff this coming June!

                I will not be organising a Bloomsday in Bruff Festival (June 16th 2019!) as I have commitments in Dublin. I hope to return in 2020 for a re-invigorated festival. I am not sure at this stage how the day will be marked in Bruff, but when I hear from community representatives I will let you know. News of an exciting event to come on January 6th 2020 to come soon...  keep an eye on this site.